COVID-19 Emergency Needs


The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on vulnerable children in Fairfield County. 

We have never experienced such high needs. 


There is much illness here and our volunteers and staff are working overtime to try to help.   


Some of the vulnerable children we work with are suffering greatly.


CAC is aware of many difficult situations:

  • Parents with substance use disorders are relapsing

  • Domestic violence is increasing

  • Foster parents are stretched thin with children at home

  • Grandparent guardians are exhausted and at high risk for the virus

  • Families do not have enough devices for at-home learning

  • Some families have no internet access

  • Families are struggling with food insecurity

  • Some children are not receiving therapy

  • Children are unable to have face-to-face visitation with parents and siblings

But there are many ways CAC is helping, even by phone

Volunteers are in touch with children and providing academic and social support

CAC volunteers have:

  • Supplied families with information about free access to internet

  • Picked up and delivered free Chrome Books from certain school districts

  • Ensured that therapy and special education is available by phone

  • Helped with free telemedicine services through HUSKY, etc.  

  • Secured free food and delivered it to families

We continue to be there