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Child Protection Court Program

CAC's child protection court program recruits, trains and supervises court appointed volunteers GALs (Guardian ad Litem) - who work to ensure that each abused or neglected child has a safe, loving and permanent home.

The Child Protection Court program operates pursuant to a contract with the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch - Stamford Superior Court for Juvenile Matters.


What is Child Protection Court?

The child protection system is designed to protect and safeguard minor children. IN child protection cases, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) files a petition at the juvenile court containing allegations that a child has been abused, uncased for, or neglected by a parent or caregiver. The court hears the matter and determines what needs to happen in order to protect and safeguard the child from harm. []

How does CAC get involved?

Volunteer advocates are appointed by the court serve as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) to advocate for the best interests of the child. The GAL does not represent the mother, father or any other party in the case. The GAL only represents the best interests of the child. The GAL does not make decisions for the court.


Trained GAL volunteers are supervised by a CAC Program Director to perform an independent investigation of the facts, collaborate with the service providers involved in the child’s case and assist both in and out of court to ensure that a child’s needs are met until the child is placed in a safe and permanent home.  In addition, oftentimes and very importantly, CAC volunteer advocates become a trusted, caring, and consistent adult in the child's life.

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