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The Good News About Educational Inequality

When inequality is the topic, it can seem as if all the news is bad. Income inequality continues to rise. Economic segregation is growing. Racial gaps in education, employment and health endure. Our society is not particularly fair.

But here is some good news about educational inequality: The enormous gap in academic performance between high- and low-income children has begun to narrow. Children entering kindergarten today are more equally prepared than they were in the late 1990s.


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Stacey G. Sobel op-ed: Yes, we can end child abuse

Last week in Stamford, 2-month-old Bella died of a blunt force trauma to her head. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner determined the death was a homicide. Although the cause of the trauma is still unknown, we recognize child abuse. Instead of passive despair, let this tragic incident serve as a galvanizing call to action for us all to commit to ending abuse and securing the safety and future of every child in Stamford and throughout Connecticut.


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Photos: Community Foundation donates over $660,000 to local nonprofits

Folks from various nonprofit organizations received a total of $668,000 in grants from the New Canaan Community Foundation at its annual grant awards presentation on May 19 held at the New Canaan Library. “We know the needs of the community are great, but they are matched by our residents’ spirit of giving and the work of our nonprofit partners,” Foundation President and CEO Cynthia Gorey told the gathering.


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An ‘Exemplary’ Foster Father, a String of Suspicions and Sexual-Abuse Charges

When New York City needed foster care for vulnerable boys with emotional problems, the answer was often the Long Island home of Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu.

Over two decades, the city’s child welfare agency sent 95 boys to live with Mr. Gonzales-Mugaburu, according to state records. Other child welfare agencies turned to him during that time as well. In all, 106 boys were placed with Mr. Gonzales-Mugaburu, as he became a sort of storybook hero to child welfare workers struggling to find suitable homes for troubled children.

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It’s the FBI, but no reason to panic at legislature

The FBI director, James B. Comey, did his best Friday to disappear into a crowded hearing room at the Legislative Office Building, not an easy task for a man who stands six-feet, eight inches tall and travels with a pack of bodyguards.

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