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Statement Regarding Separation of Children and Parents During the Immigration Process

For nearly 40 years the National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association (National CASA) has advocated for the best interests of children who have experienced abuse or neglect. One of our guiding principles is that children are better o when they remain with their families of origin if safely possible. 

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In a Loving Foster Family, but Missing Home

It wasn’t the first — or last — time I’d hear that somehow my foster children were lucky. Lucky to have landed in middle-class America and, in particular, with me and my husband and our son. Not only were they lucky but they should also recognize and appreciate just how lucky they were. But they knew — and I knew — that as children who had been torn from their biological families through absolutely no fault of their own, they were anything but lucky. They were not lucky to be living with uncertain futures, missing the only family they’d ever known.

The NBC drama “This Is Us” recently tackled this very concept. Its foster care story line showcases the character of an adolescent girl and her relationships with her birth mother and her upper-middle-class foster family.

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CT Mirror: What foster kids want: a place to call home

A survey of foster youth by Connecticut Voices for Children shows the number of places a foster child will live during his or her time in custody varies drastically. In the last year, some children had to move four times. While the average number of places a youth had lived while in custody was three, some had lived in as many as 30 places.


The Opioid Plague's Youngest Victims - but CASAs can help!

 The Opioid Plague’s Youngest Victims: Children in Foster Care



Can an Algorithm Tell When Kids Are in Danger?


Child protective agencies are haunted when they fail to save kids. Pittsburgh officials believe a new data analysis program is helping them make better judgment calls.


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